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What is Growth Kicker?

Every business in the UK is experiencing turbulence like no other, and some won’t make it onto the other side. To survive and even grow, it will be those businesses that embrace change that will build back better in the new competitive environment that we all face.

GrowthKicker is a framework for helping you to kick start growth in your business. It provides a structure for all the things you need to get right in your business if you are going to achieve sustainable growth in the long term.

GrowthKicker is a framework because it uses proven and well know business tools and approaches so that you will have confidence that what is suggested has been tried and tested and will work. This approach means there is a lot of support for the different elements whether that is a YouTube video, a book, a training course or business coaches who can tailor the approach to meet your needs.

So, we have developed a process for building back your business better than before and we have called it GrowthKicker.

Growth Kicker Framework



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For the majority of small and medium sized businesses, you are the business. As the principal decision maker your voice will be the one that over rides everyone else. Leadership is number one in the process as without good leadership you won’t have a successful business. However, that said even you don’t feel like a born leader there are a lot of habits that with practice that you can develop that will enable you to be successful.



You often hear business managers say that people are their greatest asset and then treat them like an asset to be used and thrown away when no longer required. So a better phrase could be people are the core to your business and without them you don’t have a business. That way your team will be treated with the respect that they deserve.


There is a phrase that culture eats strategy for breakfast. How true and that’s why its number 3. Jim Collins is quoted as saying, “get the right people on the bus in the right seats” and then decide on the direction.

A clear strategy means that you will make appropriate choices to take you where you want to go. As they say, “failing to plan is planning to fail”.


Having the right people and a great strategy is no good if you then procrastinate. Once you have agreed your direction and what you want to achieve and by when they you need to work out what you want to do and ensure you get the job done.


Having a great business is no good if you are the world’s best kept secret. That approach used to work but now even the best businesses in niche markets need to tell the world that they not only exist but that they are the experts in their sector.


You will have heard of making your business more efficient. But equally important is to improve how effective your business is. Does your business supply products and services that really meet the needs of your customers? What can you do to provide products and services that not only solves their pains and gives them gains but also does it in the most efficient way possible.


Every top athlete keeps score. We watch a football game and the first thing we talk about to our mates in the pub is what was the score and always have advice on how the score could be improved. Its surprising how so many business owners don’t do that with their businesses. This last section is so important. How do you keep score in your business.



The GrowthKicker was compiled by Peter Dickinson who has worked with over 400 businesses over the last 20 years across a wide range of sectors. He only has one purpose and that to ensure everyone who wants to has all the tools, knowledge and skills to build back their business better than before COVID.

Peter Dickinson’s motivation for compiling this research comes from his previous experience having lost a multi-million turnover waster management company to foot and mouth. The resemblance to what’s happening is uncanny and as a diabetic the challenge of reversing it and staying in remission means that Peter has developed an approach to life and business that means you can also turn round your situation not matter how bleak things look right now.

Peter completed an MBA with the Open University whilst building an IT Management business during the late 1990’s. This forms the basis for structuring GrowthKicker and building on that he draws on a lot of business experience to provide you with a set of tools and approaches that will give you a proven process for growth.

Peter Dickinson is a successful business coach of nearly 20 years and will be your guide on your journey to getting back to where you were before. He will then work with you to build a business that’s right for you.






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